Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Service

Do you need clipping path service from a reliable source? Please go through the below and sure that
we can meet your clipping path service demand.
A proper clipping path work shows the image more realistic and pays customer attention to the
product. This service is a cheaper and quicker solution for retrieving a specific product or object in an
Let us know the basics of the service! Clipping path is a photo editing technique. The technique keeps
the subject exactly the same and separates or changes the background. Most of the time, it requires an
eCommerce product. Moreover, it is one of the easiest processes to remove the background, and the
subject can be used anywhere.

Why You Choose Us

  • ·         We ensure the top-notch work quality

    ·         We always meet the time schedule

    ·         Affordable Price

    ·         We do hand draw every clipping path and photo cutout with photoshop.

    ·         Reliable

    ·         Experienced and skillful team members 

Before Image After Image

We are serving the Following Photoshop Clipping Path Services:

Image Clipping path

·         Simple/Basic Clipping Path

·         Compound Clipping Path

·         Complex Clipping Path

·         Super Complex Clipping Path


·         Multi-Path Services

Simple/Basic Clipping Path

Simple/Basic clipping path is not only simple work but also the cheapest clipping path service. This service is applied for straight, round, slightly curved, and rectangular products. But the product shouldn’t have any holes. The basic service requires a single path.


Generally, the simple/basic clipping path needs for the e-commerce product such as smartphone, books, balls, plate, ring, egg, and so more. For this basic service, we provide less effort, so the price is also low. 

Compound Clipping Path:

Complex clipping path is required when an image has complicated edges, multiple holes, or sometimes multiple objects. It needs more anchoring points than a simple or basic clipping service.

The price of compound clipping path service is higher than simple/basic clipping path service. Because it consumes more timethan a simple clipping path, this clipping path service is applied for the product of group shoes, pair of shoes, motor parts, group rings, group watched, and so more. 

Complex Clipping Path:

Complex clipping path is applied when you can’t create a path easily. The image which has color variation, different shapes of products needs this clipping path service.

Images with models, a product with netting, hair, neckless chain, furniture, bracelets need this clipping path.The customer has to pay more for the service. Because it consumes time and the work is very fine. 

Super Complex Clipping Path:

This clipping path service works for a very complex product where you need to create multiple paths. Sometimes multiple clipping paths isn’t enough. For a super complex clipping path, you also need to use the masking technique to ensure the optimal quality of the images. 


Super complex clipping path needs a huge number of anchoring points, so you have to expert in this regard. Our experts can do it because they have the experience. Multiple numbers of holes, huge curves, the horizontal and vertical design need the clipping path service. 

Multi-Path Clipping:

Multiple clipping paths are the advanced step of a complex clipping path. It needs when you want to change the color of a product group or individual product in a group. If you change the color of a single product in the group of a photo, it doesn’t make any impact on other products. 


·         Removing the background of an image.

·         Cutout or isolate the chosen image.

·         Making the Image background transparent.

·         Creating the images Background white.

·         Changing the proper Image background.

·         Creating magazine covers, ads, and a lot of other items in print media.

·         Saving silhouette selection with the image for later use.

·         Creating desired layers, even multiple clipping path layers by multiple selections.

·         Shadowing or Dropping Shadows of the Desired Image.

·         Creating Text or Image Wrap for Special Effects.

Creating separate components for animation