When a photographer shoots a photo of a jewelry product, then it needs some editing. Because it shows a few stains or scratches. Moreover, the spots or scratches are more visible when the image is shot by a high-resolution camera. So the image needs editing to remove the unwanted objects. This is important for jewelry products because the product is expensive. So, the product must be shown without any spots; otherwise, it creates negative thinking to the customers.

Jewelry retouching service is a category of product retouching service. But retouching is essential for jewelry products because of pricing, and the customers are always aware of the product outlook. ensures the best quality jewelry image retouching service for their clients. Our experienced editors edit the images smoothly as it looks really perfect.

Scope of Jewelry Retouching Service:

• Cleaning Dust & Scratch.
  • As the photo of the jewelry product is high resolution, so, the dust and scratch are very visible. If you don’t edit the raw photo, the dust and scratch expose. That’s why jewelry retouching is necessary for removing dust and scratch.
• Polishing Diamond.

Sometimes the heavy lighting can’t capture the real shining of the jewelry, or sometimes low light intensity causes less focus on jewelry items. Low light can’t be able to capture the sparkle and intricate cuts of stones. So, after the photography, the editor polishes the portions to recap the original look.

• Removing Jewelry Background.

Removing background is most important for any online product. It must be natural and eye-catching. Moreover, sometimes jewelry products need a mannequin for showing the jewelry, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. In this case, removing the background of jewelry is essential.

• Recolouring of Gold and Silver.

The jewelry shops offer different designs, sizes and sometimes the color also be changed. In this case, we recolor the same product; that’s why clients don’t need to products individually.

• Repainting shine.

When a photographer takes any jewelry item photo, the jewelry can attract some unwanted reflection or shine. Then the product may not be shiny or smooth. So, our editors fix it manually and create shine for focusing on the jewelry product.

We provide the following professional supports in the case of Jewelry Retouching

• Color Adjustment
• Improvement of Gemstone & Precious metal Color
• Clipping Path
• Natural Shadow
• Remove Dust & Remove Poor Reflection
• Having stone Much more Shinning

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