Raster to Vector Conversion Service

Raster to Vector Conversion

If you have an online business then we know you always looking for good quality images. A low-resolution image isn’t excepted for your business. But the fact is that you don’t always get a high-quality image of a product or object. The most common problem is a raster image and the raster image can’t meet the requirements of proper image pixels. That’s why it may create an impact on customers.

To overcome the limitation of the pixel, we may design the image different way and that is image vectoring. The image vectoring is pixel independent so you have no tension about the image raster. When we design an image for printing materials such as logo, banner or screen printing etc, it should be ensuring that the image quality is good.This is important for polishing the product image because most of the time clients have low-quality images and they need to improve the image quality as much as possible.

What is Raster to Vector Conversion:
  • Raster to vector conversion is a conservation process of image format. This process converts the image from dependent mode to independent mode. So that the image doesn’t lose the quality. The images made by curves, lines, or points can be vector and you can zoom it as your wish.

Types of Raster to Vector Conversion Service:


    • Vector Artwork Conversion Service: It is a hand drawing service. When an image is a too much raster it needs to redraw. We use the shape of the image and take the outline to redraw the image so that customer will be happy with the exact look.
    • Single Color Vector or Line Art: Single color vector is used for showing the skeleton or morph of an image. This service is necessary for engraving the product or objects of the image. This is time-consuming work and the complexity depends on the image shape.
    • Vector illustration: The image of photography has millions of pixels and it quite impossible to refile it using any software. The Vector technique can’t pick all the pixels of an image, we can only do a vector graphic with an artificial outline or can redesign a small particular part of an image. Vector Illustration provides a colorful outlook of the basic image.
    • Vectorize the product images: The product image of an eCommerce website must be attractive and natural. But sometimes the raster image quality doesn’t meet the ownership requirement. In this case, vector art converts it from pixel-dependent to pixel-independent. So the image quality improves as need.