Shadow Making Service

Shadow Making Service

The work on an image isn’t finished after shooting a photo by a photographer. To make the image more beautiful and attractive, you need to edit. Image editing has some procedures and you have to edit the image properly. First of all, important to choose what kind of editing is necessary for a particular image.

Shadow-making service is one of the most important services of photo editing. This service uses to make the image real and natural. Because it is difficult for a photographer to shoot perfectly without any error. The shadow of an image increases the image’s beauty and presents the real view of a product.

Shadow is an illusion that appears the product image brightly. The white or bright background is preferable for appearing the shadow of the product. Natural shadow and drop shadow are almost the same but we prefer the drop shadow. Because sometimes natural shadow can’t focus properly. But drop shadow is adjustable and it creates a natural look.

Reflection Shadow

When you gather some product images in a frame, the reflection shadow makes it more attractive and beautiful. At the bottom surface, a reflection of the product images is created and it helps to make an extra attraction to the customers. Glass bottles, medicine, plastic bottle, ceramic product, electronic equipment can be shown attractive using the reflection shadow.

Natural Shadow

Although reflection shadow makes attraction, it is not suitable for all products. Some products look good with the real or natural shadow. In this case, our experts create the natural shadow via photo editor software. The 3D product is perfect for natural shadow. The natural shadow crates an outside border of the 3D product and makes the product realistic. 

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow is popular for low pricing and quick delivery. It makes a shadow from the central point of the object and looks like a real shadow. To make it real, you need to create the drop from various angles and balance the opacity.

Retain Original Shadow

Sometimes it happens that when a photographer shoots a photo of a product, the shadow of it doesn’t focus and it looks dimed. In this case, photo editing experts can create the real shadow using the photo editing software. So, you don’t need to shoot extra photos again for the product or object.